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Each of them ha…

Each of them has so impacted our world that their names are synonymous with their ideas. We call our brightest students “little Einsteins,” our social problems get blamed on “Social Darwinism. ” We have “come-to-Jesus moments” when we need to hash out our problems and get things off our chests. When someone “gives you the shirt off their back” we are calling them Gandhi.

Just Say No!!!


What every freelancer fears


Eternity of Lust

Your presence so strong, my skin aches for you.
Mind so powerful the world will never know,
The dreams you have
The plans you made
Lost in that gorgeous brain
Ever hair upon your body
Chosen so elegantly upon you
Hera must have born you
You touch is so strong I loose my breathe,
Every inch of space between up, brings me closer to my death
The moment your lips touch mine
I loose my mind
My breathe
My heart skips its tread
With each kiss
I loose what left
The world full of hate
Lies and false hope
Die with each scent of your breath
Never to be close enough to satisfy this hunger,
My body ignites in such a flame
Steering upon my bones
Never feeling alone
With each kiss
My walls are broken down
So close to my heart
It hurts to slow down
To back off
To turn away
My body goes into pain
My lust for you goes beyond
My body
My flesh
My mind craves you
Hungers for your approval
For your affection and dictations
Time has no way between my admiration
My eyes find no fault upon your presence so strong and distant
I will lust for you eternity
Learning every curve of such a body of maturity
I guess this isn’t lust when my heart breaks, when it’s distant from its drug
When my mind goes dark
When ever I’m alone
When I glance upon my shoulder
And your glow dosnt show
No this isn’t lust,
This must be love
Love is pain in absence
Tears upon those kisses
Dreams of the future.
Question is,
Do you lust for my flesh as I do to yours?
Do my kisses leave you empty beyond your years?
Can I break your spirit with one wrong word?
Can I enlighten you with my wisdom of femininity
Cause sweet dreams with in our sheets?
If none of those happen this flame is one sighted and I have fallen for a crook with a bewitch heart
Aching for another to fill
What I have not
This is a dream within a nightmare that I wish not to awaken
But to never end
For her to never win…

Spirits entwined

Warm and toasted among the covers of night
Lost in slumber where time has no hold I began to awaken and had reality unfold,
Beneath the comfort of my walls
The door to my slumber was left open
For all of natures children to behold

Laying peacefully from my rest, I lay in daze to life’s little wonders,
Until I’ve felt a tug beneath my neck,
Lost in my surroundings I have forgotten to look
At what is near and what is far from my reference in bed.
Below my covers cuddled so snug, is a giant boa in sight. No tear or fear raced through my mind as I know we joined in spirit, a snake lost in life has found my heart in mind, guiding me through life’s mysteries.
This predators aura read blue and true, as natures slumber casted it’s spell on his mind. Sleeping so sound, so close to my thighs, I would never could have imagines he be mine.
Picked up so gently, still under the night.
Awaken by a snap in the wilderness outside
A giant boa arises.
Still supported gently with each warm hand of mine
Eyes so inviting bright green and loving
No fear and loathing insight.
Winding up upon my arm eyes locked on my eyes, this creature I’ve awoken to, owning my body with its presence, stunning with its elegance and beauty
Now bringing itself closer to me. Hissing, sweet soft kisses to the air,
Then the most earth shatter moment thing happened. The snake gently coiled its self around my torso and neck,
Gently supporting itself so elegantly, resting his head upon my shoulder.
He must want to be with me, our should and body entwined. Glancing over at this beautifully enormous reptile’s face and you can see his eyes becoming heavy with slumber. A hundred questions run though my mind, and instantly they all come to a hault, as he opens his eyes out of curiosity of what I was doing, and watches my expression for answers. He was weary and wise, written in ever scale of his skin, he glance to me, then lifts his head in the direction to my bed, then tilts his head back to sleep. I knew what I must do, and felt so warm and assured in this action it was beyond a natural feeling.
Walking over back to the covers he lays his head nestle upon my neck. Gentle kissing the air.
We are one in essence and body,
He is my everything there is no fear in my heart. Tonight we slumber as one for eternity and beyond.
That moment there was nothing more than pure love, trust, and understanding, between a girl and her spirit.


    Since the new company expansions and updates happening over the past couple of months, we decided here at Milo Inkings Inc. to give back to our clients, To Show our appreciation to our industry welcoming this company .  Thank you for all our past clients who benefited  from our product and marketing support. Helping us become the great company that we are today. So this week we are giving out a FREE Design product of your choice to the best 3 design concept entries, In Which Ever Medium  you choose!


  1. Come up with the Craziest Color-Poping Design
  2. Must All Be original work (No Fan Art)
  3. One Entry only
  4. Jpeg, PSd format only.
  5. Enter With all Contact Info. So the We can Notify you of contest status.


    We work with a distributor in our local area that distributes company flyers. Contact us for the design and we will give your newly designed flyers to our distributors who will get them out. Their company rates are 50$ for every 50 flyers that are being pushed. Which is an excellent deal when you need to get your marketing flyers directly into the hands of your client base. When you place your order include weather you want to include those services.



   Milo Inkings has began a collaboration effort with two local graphic novel stores!

Company Owners Camille Jackson of Milo Inkings Inc. and Paul Company Partner of World of Comics are to talk business later this week,

Stay Tuned for a follow up post to review how the expansion-merge of the two companies will bring better marketing opportunities to our clients.


When Your In doubt about creating your own brand…Find a studio artist!

I can’t tell you how many people I talk to everyday that have amazing project ideas! And do nothing about it!

Don’t just let it fade out in the back of your mind. Get in contact with our company we have a great staff that will walk you through the process of making that project, real with a great marketing strategy to help it launch off! 
We help make visual designs and coming up with the idea is the hardest part in process! And with that already created all you need now is a team to make it POP!


Over the years this company has lost family and friends over time, and each time our staff has provided projects that represent those loved ones that we have lost. We realize the importance of remembering those that were dear and close to us. Now we are opening up services for memorial portraits and design to the public at your request at half price.
See contact info for project orders.



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